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Choosing the Right Smoke Alarm in 3 Steps

7/24/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke Detector Isolated. 3D rendering A smoke alarm should be put in every room.

3 Steps to Choosing the Best Smoke Alarm

Alerting your residence of a fire in Pine Harbor, NC, requires the appropriate type of protection. To make sure your home stays safe, here are three steps to choose a smoke alarm that’s perfect for your needs.

1. Understand the 3 Types of Residential Fire Alarms

Ionization alarms use an electric current to quickly pick up fast flame fires such as kitchen fires or burning light furniture. They are, however, prone to nuisance tripping from shower steam or burnt food.

Alarms that use a strobe light for better detection of smoldering fires are photoelectric. They are less prone to going off from minor fires and are better at alerting to dangerous slow burning fires of heavy furniture and building materials.

Combing the two, dual-sensor alarms offer detection of both fast flame and smoldering blazes. While they may false alarm because of the ionization component, they are the most comprehensive coverage.

2. Decide Which Type Fits Based on Your Home Design

The number of detectors necessary for fire safety depends on the size of your home. A centralized system is recommended since noise may not carry throughout the home from a single unit to appropriately alert everyone.

A smoke alarm should be put in every room and outside each door to establish coverage of the entire premise. To prevent nuisance tripping, it’s worth considering using a photoelectric alarm around the kitchen or outside of bathrooms.

3. Evaluate the Unit Before Buying

Reading through any relevant information, you should familiarize yourself with proper maintenance of the unit before buying to make sure it’s reasonable to maintain.

Testing the smoke detector is a monthly procedure, so consideration should be made towards features that simplify the process to ensure it gets done. Additionally, you should learn how to silence the device without disabling it to always have continuous protection.

A smoke alarm can only do so much. A fire damage restoration company reverses damage and repairs burnt parts of your home. Choosing the right alarm types for your home allows you to act sooner to prevent more damage while increasing the likelihood of successful restoration.

How To Create a Fire Escape Plan

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

Map of a house and escape routes Make sure that everyone in the family is aware of every possible exit.

3 Steps To Make a Plan To Keep Your Family Safe

There are few disasters worse than a fire in Charlotte, NC. Not only can a fire structurally damage buildings, leaving families homeless and destroying personal belongings, but the flames and smoke can also be dangerous for you and your family. It is always a good idea to have a fire escape plan in place so all family members understand how to get to safety if a fire were to happen.

1. Purchase an Emergency Kit and Place It Near an Exit

The Red Cross has a variety of emergency safety kits that could benefit your family after a fire. If you do not wish to purchase a kit, make your own with first-aid supplies, water, and any essential medicines for family members. Once your kit is ready, store it near a door or window and designate one family member to grab the kit if he or she has the opportunity.

2. Go Over Possible Escape Routes With Each Family Member

 Make sure that everyone in the family is aware of every possible exit. Have several direct routes in mind from each room, including those both upstairs and downstairs, so everyone knows the fastest route and an alternate route to safety. Having multiple routes to safety is essential to any fire escape plan.

3. Have a Designated Meeting Place

Choose a destination a safe distance away from your home for all family members to meet after a fire. This way, families can easily see that everyone is safe, or they can alert first responders that someone may still be in the building.

Having a good fire escape plan in place is the best way to be prepared for a fire. Using the three steps above can help you create an emergency escape plan that will assist you in keeping your family safe. 

Steps To Take After a House Fire

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

House fire House fire in Berryhill, NC.

Steps To Take After The Fire Has Been Extinguished

Berryhill, NC, house fire can leave your home vulnerable to further damage. It may be necessary to board up parts of the structure and take other precautions. Familiarizing yourself with the steps to take after a fire can help you make the best decisions for your home and family. The following outlines the steps to take after the fire has been extinguished.

1. Assess the damage. Ask the fire department if it is safe to go back inside. Determine if your family will need to temporarily relocate. Contact your insurance company and begin documenting the fire damage for them.

2. Secure the property. An emergency board up may be necessary if the fire or fire-extinguishing efforts left openings in the structure. Board up broken windows, tarp over holes in the roof, etc. Make sure that there are no entry points for vandals, wildlife, or inclement weather.

3. Dry out the structure and contents. If water was used to put out the fire, you will need to dry out the home as quickly as possible to prevent mold growth. Use pumps or specialized vacuums to remove standing water. If necessary, you can also use buckets to scoop out the water. After the standing water has been removed, there will still be moisture in porous items. Use fans and dehumidifiers to dry out these items.

4. Clean and sanitize affected items. Soot and smoke linger long after the flames have been extinguished. Fortunately, there are a variety of cleaners that can remove soot as well as several ways to treat smoke odor. A professional can help you choose the best cleaning techniques for your home.

5. Repair or replace damaged items. After everything is clean and dry, it is time to begin making repairs. Some repairs you may be able to do yourself, but delicate or heavily damaged items often require specialized restoration services.
Having to board up your home, restore your belongings, etc. can be overwhelming for many homeowners. Fortunately, an experienced restoration service can help you with every step of the fire restoration process.

Where To Safely Put Your Space Heater

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

living room fire damage, walls covered with soot damage Fire damage in a living room.

Ways To Avoid A Burned Space Heater

If you are like many people, then you probably use a space heater to stay comfortable when the temperatures drop in Pineville, NC. As convenient as these little heat blasters may be, though, a burned space heater can also be deadly. Every year, approximately, 25,000 residential fires start because of them.

While there are several ways you can reduce the risk of this kind of fire damage, one of the top things to consider is where you put the heater. To lower the chances of needing a smoke cleanup team the next time you try to warm up your house in the morning, try one of these locations instead of the bed or the carpet.

In the Bathroom
While bathrooms often do not have carpeting, you still need to consider flammable furnishings such as:

  • Rugs
  • Window curtains
  • Shower curtains
  • Towels

When you are using your heater in the bathroom, make sure it stays on the tile and away from any cloth or paper that may be nearby.

In the Bedroom
When it comes to the bedroom, there are probably more opportunities for a burned space heater to occur. If you have carpet, you should reconsider putting your heater in a bedroom at all. Not only does this device need to stay on the floor, but it should only be placed on a hard surface like wood, tile or laminate. Because it is unsafe to sleep while a space heater is on anyway, keeping it away from your resting place is probably a good idea.

In the Living Room
The living room is another location where you can find a lot of potential fire starters, yet it also a common space for families to gather. If you want to heat up this area of your home, look for a suitable place to set the heater. If you have a fireplace area or another part of the room with solid flooring, that should be the spot.
There are many ways to avoid a burned space heater. Knowing where to put it is one of simplest and most effective.

Fire Safety for Pets: Protecting Your Furry Family Members

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

Dog sitting on a carpet bottom of the picture it says FIRE TIP Tip- Place a Window Cling to alert firefighters about pets within your home in case of a fire

Protect Your Pets In The Event Of A Fire 

What would happen to your pets if you had a fire emergency in your home in West Charlotte, NC? How would you evacuate them? What supplies would they need? Where could they stay? When a fire breaks out, there is little time to think. In a rush to get human family members out safely, people sometimes leave pets behind. This can be a scary thought, but there are several things you can do to protect your furry family members in the event of a fire.

Create a Pet Evacuation Plan
Evacuation plans save lives. When it comes to your safety, planning ahead is of utmost importance. The same is true for pet safety. You can help protect your pets by creating a pet evacuation plan that includes:

  • Designated caregivers in case your pet(s) need to temporarily stay with someone else while a fire restoration service fixes up your home
  • Emergency supplies and traveling kits
  • Coordination between all household members to ensure everyone knows what to do
  • Phone numbers and addresses of local animal hospitals

Prepare Your Pets
Pet preparation is important. You can get your pets ready for a fire emergency by making sure they wear collars with accurate identification information. For an added layer of protection, consider having pets microchipped. When you are not home, keep pets somewhere that is easily accessible from the door in case firemen need to rescue them.
Another way to prepare is by practicing your evacuation plan with your pets. Animals are naturally stressed during disasters. You can reduce stress by familiarizing them with carriers and travel procedures ahead of time.

Prepare Your Home
If there is a fire emergency, you do not want to be aimlessly searching the house for pet supplies. Keep pet emergency kits near the door alongside your regular emergency kits. Pet leashes should also be accessible. After a fire, homes can suffer extensive damage. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep pet ownership and vaccination records in a fireproof box so they may be salvaged whenever it is safe to return.

How To Use a Fire Extinguisher

11/7/2020 (Permalink)

Red tank of fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher can be a very valuable piece of equipment

How To Use a Fire Extinguisher

In today's world of electrified and heated buildings, fire is an ever-present concern. It can put a restaurant or office out of commission for weeks or months, and cost thousands of dollars in repairs. While the thought of a raging inferno is scary, the truth is that fires can be put out quickly and safely. With the proper training, employees can learn to properly discharge a fire extinguisher in the initial stages and thus keep a small flare-up from becoming a full-blown conflagration.

1. Retrieve
It sounds simple, but just knowing where the extinguisher is located is a big part of properly using it. Although there are likely safety codes in Brookhill, NC, specifying where this type of equipment should be kept, it is always a good idea to drill employees on their location within the building. Once a room begins to fill with smoke, there may not be much time to think everything through before fire damage starts.

2. Pull the Pin and Aim
A properly certified fire extinguisher should have a pin that prevents the lever from discharging the propellant. Pull the pin and remove the tamper seal, and the handle will be ready to depress. Take a moment at this point to properly aim the nozzle, hose, or horn at the base of the fire.

3. Depress and Sweep
Depress the handle and make sweeping motions while continuing to aim low, until the flames appear to be out. You will need to watch the area for flare-ups. These steps may need to be repeated, especially in the case of a kitchen fire in a restaurant, where grease fire flare-ups are common.
A fire extinguisher is not always the highest priority in a busy work environment, but it can be a very valuable piece of equipment. Proper training on how to use one, along with the help of a fire damage repair specialist, can potentially save your business thousands of dollars in recovery costs.

How To Clean a Grill

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

Scrubbing utensil used for cleaning a dirty grill. BBQ Grill Background Theme Make a habit of following through with a thorough grill cleaning each time you use your gril

Grill Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Cooking food outside on the grill is a staple of life in the calmer months of the year. To keep the quality of your food top notch and keep your family safe, proper grill cleaning is essential. If you regularly use your grill in Charlotte, NC, here are some grill maintenance and cleaning tips to follow.

1. Prepare to Clean
You'll need work gloves, foil, paper towels, a grill-brush, a bucket of hot soapy water, stainless steel wipes, a hose, and a whisk broom. Gather these items and have them all handy before you get to work. Make sure all the dials are off. While the grill is still slightly warm, turn off and disconnect the propane tank. Regular grill cleaning greatly reduces the risk of a grease fire. Make a habit of doing it after each time you use your grill.

2. Clean the Inside
Wearing work gloves, remove the grates and metal plates and put them in the bucket of hot soapy water. Loosely cover the heating elements with foil. Use the grill brush to scrub the underside of the hood and the inside walls. Wipe down the scrubbed walls with damp paper towels. Remove the drip pan and empty it into a trash can before putting it in the soapy bucket. Remove the grates, plates, and drip pan and scrub with the grill brush before rinsing them with the hose. Dispose of the foil and scrub the elements with the grill brush. Replace the grates, plates, and drip pan before reconnecting the propane tank.

3. Clean the Outside
If your grill has a cabinet, remove any leaves and debris using the whisk broom. Use the stainless steel wipes to clean the outside of the grill and the cabinet.
Make a habit of following through with a thorough grill cleaning each time you use your grill in order to reduce the risk of a grease fire. Fire cleanup is time consuming, but you can work with a fire damage restoration specialist to ensure it's done safely and thoroughly.

How To Restore the Fabric of Your Business

7/8/2020 (Permalink)

Front part of restaurant burned Commercial fire damage in Brookhill, NC

How To Restore the Fabric of Your Business

After a fire breaks at your business, damage assessment and content cleaning should happen as soon as safely possible. The porous nature of textiles makes them especially vulnerable to soot and smoke odor, and using the wrong cleaning methods can exacerbate these issues. Fortunately, fire restoration services in Brookhill, NC, employ the most effective techniques for dry-cleaning and deodorizing fabric, which can prevent the following:

  • Wasting time
  • Costly mistakes
  • Further damage
  • Insufficient cleaning

Soot Removal
A knowledgeable professional can tell the difference between dry soot and oily soot and apply the appropriate cleaning method. Take clothes, carpets, upholstery, and drapes to your local dry cleaner service. It likely has the tools necessary to remove the fine particles that result from the burning of natural fibers. A high-powered, HEPA vacuum can extract dry soot and prevent it from penetrating further into a fabric.
Care during the soot removal process can also avoid staining the fabric. Dry-cleaning is ineffective for cleaning oily soot, which results from the burning of plastic or rubber. Specialized solutions are needed to penetrate oily soot and remove stains.

Odor Removal
Odors from fire damage can linger long after the completion of concrete repairs. Standard washing techniques are not enough to refresh smoke-drenched upholstery and clothing. Professional fire restoration services can offer ozone treatment, the only effective method of odor removal.
Here's how it works: Ozone molecules are released into an environment where they can react with and neutralize odor-producing molecules in contaminated fabrics. Dry-cleaning or wet-cleaning can then take place without the risk of further embedding the unpleasant scent. Restoration services typically provide content storage for fabric items they remove for treatment until a business is ready to receive them back.
Many businesses are ill-equipped to handle the type of content cleaning that is necessary after a fire. It may seem as though items like fabric furnishings or clothing are beyond repair, but consulting with a recovery service in Brookhill, NC, can prevent unnecessary replacements.

How to Handle Electronics After a Fire

6/2/2020 (Permalink)

After a fire has occurred in your Charlotte, NC home, it is imperative for restoration efforts to begin right away. What about electronics, though? Even if your electronic devices were untouched by fire, did you know that they could still be harmed by smoke damage?

Here are the two things to remember when it comes to technology during a fire cleanup:

  1. How Electronics Are Damaged

Smoke can permanently damage electronics. At first, it may not seem obvious as to how, but here is what happens when smoke makes its way into your device: keep in mind that technology produces heat, and when smoke covers a device, it can be prone to overheating. If you know about electronics, then you know how damaging too much heat can be. Smoke can filter into the inside of devices and create a black film. The circuits may then short due to the trapped heat inside. Not only is this a fire hazard, but it can leave irreparable damage to your belongings.

  1. How Electronics Are Restored

Fire cleanup and restoration of electronics have to happen, and a specialist should be the one to assess them. You should never put yourself in any danger with safety hazards, and electronics that were damaged are just that. Smoke can corrode internal components and cause failure. You should not handle any device until you have had it looked at by a professional. This means no testing devices, and no shutting them off. Always have someone by with the knowledge to do so.

After a fire, you have a lot to worry about when it comes to the fire cleanup. The restoration after extensive fire or smoke damage is not something you should take lightly by any means. If an item does not look damaged, many will assume it is okay. This is not the case, however, and you should look at electronics, especially after a fire. 

What Type of Smoke Detector is Best for Your Home?

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

Dual smoke detector Dual sensor smoke alarm

One important factor that can make a difference in the loss of life in a home fire, is a working smoke alarm. Many people neglect this important facet of home safety. A common reason is that the alarm has gone off and a startled resident removes the batteries, rendering the alarm useless.

The Difference Between Alarm Types

There are basically three types of smoke detectors manufactured for use at home. They initially react to different stimuli. Here is some information to help you decide which smoke alarm works well for your home in Brookhill, NC.

1. Ionization Alarm
These alarms tend to have a quicker response to a flaming fire. This may be a good choice for a cooking or grease fire in the kitchen area, or where curtains may start on fire from a space heater.

2. Photoelectric Alarm
Responding more quickly to smoke, an alarm with a photoelectric sensor can be helpful for a smoldering fire, such as in a fireplace or mattress.

3. Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm
This alarm combines both the photoelectric and ionization type sensors and could be useful in several areas of the home.

Placement is Critical
When it comes to fire safety, it may be of more importance where the detector is located, than which type is used. It is recommended that an alarm is placed outside each bedroom, near the kitchen, the laundry room and on each level of the home including the basement and above every stairway in the home. Whether they are hard wired or battery operated is not of as much importance as that they are functioning properly.

If a fire does cause damage within your home, call on the fire restoration professionals in Brookhill,NC to help with assessing damage and cleaning up fire and water damage. Properly installing a smoke alarm at each key point, however may alert you to any fire before significant damage can be done.

5 Things To Know About Smoke Detectors

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

smoke alarm in ceiling Installing the right smoke alarm for home or business is critical to ensure your family is safe

Every homeowner in Charlotte, NC, should take the time to have a smoke alarm installed in their place of residence. Many fire restoration professionals recommend this important safety step for helping to prevent fire damage. There are several things you should know about smoke detectors when choosing the right fit for your home.

1. There are Several Types

The smoke detector is an important tool for fire safety, and it's important to remember that there are several types available. Some are battery-operated, and some tie to your home's electrical system to keep them running. Smart alarms can even send alerts to your phone in the event something should happen.

2. Where They Should Be Located

Many experts recommend that a smoke detector be located inside each bedroom, the hall outside the bedrooms, and in any common areas such as the kitchen. You may want to make sure that every family member knows where these are located in your home.

3. They Will Require Some Maintenance

A smoke alarm will require regular maintenance. This includes changing the batteries at least once a year, keeping them free of dust, and replacing them at the end of their lifespan.

4. They Do Have a Working Lifespan

Regardless of your alarm type it's important to remember that these tools to have a lifespan. Make sure to read the manufacturer's instructions so that you will know when it's time to replace the unit. In many cases this is about every ten years.

5. Know What To Do When They Sound

It's also important to have a plan in place in case the smoke detector should go off. Make sure every member of your family knows where the nearest exits are, and where you alone meet up after you've safely made it outside.

When selecting the right smoke alarm for your residence keep in mind which type you prefer for your particular home style and needs, what the working life span is, and what type of maintenance your alarm will require. You should also have a plan in place in case your alarm should sound.

Eliminating Cigarette Odor From Your Home

10/9/2019 (Permalink)

Ozone generator An ozone machine will chemically interact with the smoke to neutralize the odor

Eliminating Cigarette Odor From Your Home

Cigarette smoke in your West Charlotte,NC, residence can linger long after you have aired out the place. Fortunately, there are many home deodorization options available. Every situation is unique, but the following provides a general guideline to eliminating the smoke smell from your home.

Clean The first step in removing the cigarette smell from your home is to clean the surfaces in the affected areas, including the walls and ceiling. Vinegar is a natural deodorizer and can be used in mop water, in washing machines and on a variety of hard surfaces. You may also need to clean the carpet and upholstery. Having the windows open and fans running while you clean will help to further deodorize the area. Make sure to clean everything. Cigarette smoke clings to everything, and the smell will return if you don’t clean thoroughly.

Run an Ozone Machine or Air Purifier If you can still smell the smoke after cleaning, you may need to invest in an ozone machine or an air purifier with a HEPA filter. An air purifier will trap the smoke particles, and an ozone machine will chemically interact with the smoke to neutralize the odor. An ozone molecule has three oxygen atoms. One of the oxygen atoms will attach itself to the smoke particle in a process called oxidation. Oxidation neutralizes the odor. Ozone is a particularly effective home deodorization technique because the ozone can go anywhere smoke goes.

Repaint Unfortunately, cleaning surfaces and purifying the air only go so far. If you are dealing with heavy cigarette smoke damage, there may be layers of smoke odor on the walls and ceiling. In this case, the best way to handle the situation is to repaint. Make sure to use an odor-blocking primer to fully seal in the odor. Otherwise, the smell may seep through the new paint.

Whether you are moving into a smoker’s former home or simply want to remove the smoke odor from your current home, a professional restoration company can assist you in the home deodorization process.

Proper Furnace Maintenance

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

Making sure your furnace is in good condition is one way you can keep fires away

Conscientious homeowners know the importance of understanding potential fire hazards and risks. Your best efforts may not be completely effective all the time, but with prudence, awareness and vigilance, you can increase the likelihood of avoiding fires in your Wilmore,NC, home. Making sure your furnace is in good condition is one way you can keep fires away and reduce the need for fire cleaning.

Leading Causes of Fires

There are many ways fires can start in your home. The more aware you are of these factors, the more prepared you can be. Along with malfunctioning furnaces and other heating issues, there are other potential problem areas to look out for.

  • Unattended pots and pans on the stove.
  • Candles
  • Excessive cords in outlets
  • Poorly maintained fireplaces and chimneys

Change the Filters

It may be easy to forget to replace the filters of your furnace, but this is essential to avoid fires and the need for smoke cleaning. New filters won't only improve airflow, but it will also reduce the risk of fires due to the engine overheating. Make sure you change the filter regularly.

Have It Serviced

At least annually, it's important that a professional HVAC specialist takes a look at your furnace and heating system. This inspection can serve two purposes. First, the technician can detect inefficiencies and make the proper corrections. Second, the tech can spot potential fire risks, including cracks or high gas pressure.

Clean and Watch for Leaks

Oil leaks near the furnace could signal big problems and future fire cleaning needs for oil-based units. If you spot any, you should call a technician immediately. Also, keep the area around your furnace clean and free of lint and other debris.
Though you can find a qualified fire restoration company to handle fire cleaning, it's best to avoid one of these emergencies in the first place. If you're diligent about maintaining your furnace, you significantly reduce the risk of fires at home.

4 Reasons Why You Need Fire Insurance

6/27/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial fire damage in Collingwood, NC

4 Reasons Why You Need Fire Insurance

The purpose of insurance is to put the insured property back to its original state. Fires are a common source of a loss, and fire insurance is one of the most critical coverages. If you own commercial property in Collingwood, NC, your structure needs to be insured against fire, and here are four reasons why.

1. To Protect Your Inventory

Your structure the place where you operate your business and house your inventory. Insurance can save the day if its contents are harmed or destroyed by fire.

2.To Safeguard Your Belongings

Even if you do not own the structure, you, at a minimum, will want to protect your and your employees' belongings inside. Contents coverage includes items such as computers, furniture and the like. Having to pay for everything out of pocket in the case of a loss could be financially devastating.

3. To Protect Your Building's Interiors

Smoke damage can wreak havoc on the interior of your building, especially in fabrics and walls. What's more, the work of the firefighters who extinguish the blaze can also inadvertently cause harm to your property. Fire suppressants can cause damage, for example, and the cleanup of those suppressants can be substantial. The water used to put out a fire can also lead to property damage. Fire insurance can protect you against these necessary, but potentially destructive measures.

4. To Avoid Paying for Fire Restoration Out of Pocket

In addition to safeguarding interior items, insurance is also needed to protect the building itself from fire. More specifically, it can protect you when it comes to the replacement cost of building materials and other measures needed to return your building to code. Since building materials increase consistently in price, you want to make sure you are taking this into account when thinking about getting insurance.

Fires can happen at the most unexpected times, so it's wise to be prepared by having fire insurance. When it's time for fire and smoke cleanup, it's comforting to know that commercial building restoration services are Here to Help.

5 Safety Tips for Using a Space Heater in Your Home

6/6/2019 (Permalink)

Keep your heater at least three feet away from other items

5 Safety Tips for Using a Space Heater in Your Home

As the weather begins to grow colder, you will likely need to heat your Berryhill,NC, home. For many people, space heaters are a convenient and affordable way to do this. However, there are some risks that come with using this kind of heating source. A burned space heater can easily start a house fire so use the following tips to keep your home safe.

1. Turn Off When You Leave the Home

While the idea of returning to a warm, cozy house might sound appealing, leaving your heater running while you’re gone is a serious safety hazard. Always be sure to turn off and unplug the unit before leaving the house. You may want to do this when you go to bed as well.

2. Leave Space Around the Heater

To reduce the chances of a fire, make sure that there is empty space around the heater. This will help prevent the unit from overheating. It is recommended that you keep your heater at least three feet away from other items.

3. Use on a Hard Surface

To prevent an overheated or burned space heater, always use the unit on the surface for which it was intended. You should always place it on the floor instead of on a dresser, table or other furniture. Do not use it on carpeted flooring.

4. Keep Away From Flammable Materials

Because it poses a higher safety risk, you should never use your space heater near flammable materials. Keep it away from combustible liquids as well as curtains and bedding.

5. Don’t Overcrowd the Outlets

To prevent overheating that could cause a burned space heater, you should always plug your unit directly into the outlet instead of an extension cord. When the heater is in use, do not use the outlet for other devices.

When used properly, a space heater can be a great way to warm small spaces in your home. If there is a problem and a fire occurs, a fire restoration company can provide fire and smoke cleanup services as well as any necessary repairs to your home.

Furnace Maintenance 101: Prevent a Home Fire With These 5 Steps

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Protect your home in Charlotte, NC by regularly maintaining your furnace

Prevent a Fire This Winter

Heating is one of the main causes of home fires. Fire departments and fire cleaning companies deal with the most heating related fires in the cooler months of the year, so it is important take extra precautions to protect your home in Charlotte, NC, by regularly maintaining your furnace. Before the cold weather arrives, follow these five important steps to prevent a furnace fire this winter.

1. Regularly Clean Your Furnace

Make sure to regularly clean your furnace by removing any dirt and dust that makes its way into the interior of your furnace. Gently use a soft-tipped paintbrush and vacuum to do the job!

2. Visual Inspect Your Furnace

Looking over your furnace for any broken or worn down parts is a good way to determine if your unit needs any repairs or part replacements. Check wires, tubes, the drive belt, bearings, and other components that get worn down easily or pose a hazard.

3. Perform an Odor Check

If at any point you can identify the lingering smell of rotten eggs or smoke in your home, leave the house immediately because that means you have a gas leak. Do not light a cigarette, use your phone inside, touch any electronics, or re-enter the building for any reason. An inspection and possibly even a smoke cleaning will be required.

4. Replace Filters Periodically

Your furnace filter needs to be replaced every one to three months. A good way to remember replacing your filter is to do so every first of the month.

5. Get Your Furnace Professionally Serviced

While regularly cleaning, inspecting, and replacing filters on your furnace is fine to do on your own, make sure to have a professional service your furnace at least once a year!

Avoid a fire cleaning by instead opting for a furnace cleaning! By keeping up on your furnace maintenance, you can avoid a heating home fire all year long.

3 Facts About Smoke Alarm Replacement

1/10/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke alarm in a West Charlotte, NC residence

3 Facts About Smoke Alarm Replacement 

Having a smoke alarm in each room of your West Charlotte,NC, home can reduce the risk of injury to your family members during a fire. However, even if you have multiple alarms on each floor of your home, they might not do much good if they are old or outdated. If you want to replace your current smoke detectors, there are a few facts to keep in mind as you purchase and place them in your home.

1. Old Smoke Detectors May Appear Functional

You may not give much thought to your home’s smoke alarms because they appear normal and you assume they will function properly during a fire. In truth, it is difficult to assess how well a smoke detector works by its appearance, and it is this assumption that causes three out five fire deaths in homes where old smoke alarms failed to function, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Consider replacing alarms if they are more than a decade old.

2. New Alarms Have Multiple Features

As you shop for new smoke detectors, it is wise to consider those that have smart features and can detect different types of blazes that may reduce overall fire damage to your home. For example, some alarms feature split-spectrum detection that senses whether a fire is slow burning or whether flames have already erupted. Others can connect directly to your smartphone to alert you when a fire breaks out and you are not at home, while others have strident voice alarms instead of traditional ones.

3. Pairing New Alarms With Inspection Can Reduce Fire Risk

Placing a smoke alarm on each floor of your home is an effective way to protect it. However, you can bolster that protection by having fire damage and restoration company technicians come out to inspect your property for possible fire hazards. The more dangers they find, the lower the risk of a blaze breaking out.

Your West Charlotte,NC, home can benefit from the presence of a smoke alarm on every floor. However, ensuring each is in good working order and knowing when to replace them likely increases the chances of early detection and a lower instance of damage to your property.

The Process of Smoke Odor Remediation

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

After a house fire in Berryhill,NC, comes the tricky process of smoke cleaning. There are a number of factors involved, including the type and perforation of the odor, the tools used, and the time needed for odor removal. Understanding these factors may help make this process easier.

What are the Contributing Factors to the Smoke Odor

The type cleaning method is determined by the amount and nature of the smoke damage. This can vary based on several factors.

  • Material, the type of materials burned can change the odor left behind
  • Room size, smaller rooms will often have a stronger odor than larger ones
  • Fire size, larger fires create more smoke and may burn longer leaving more odor behind
  • Burn time, the longer a fire burns the more time smoke odor has to settle in

What Tools are Used For Smoke Removal

The tools used for smoke cleaning can vary depending on the amount of odor and the type of source fire. In most cases attempting to mask the smell will only create a temporary fix, so it’s best to work towards full odor removal from the start. An air filtration device can help. Many professionals also use thermal foggers or ozone machines during the cleaning process. Cloth items such as clothing, curtains, and upholstery may be washed with a special solution.

How Long Will it Take

The length of time it takes to remove smoke odor from a home can depend on the type of smoke damage. The larger the fire damaged area the more time it may take. A deodorization professional should be able to assess the problem and give you an accurate quote based on the problem type and cleaning method used.

The process of smoke cleaning can take some time, but with the right tools and understanding of the smoke’s source, your home can be restored to a clean and fresh environment. Remember, if you’re ever unsure about what needs to be done, a professional may be able to help.

Demystifying Fire Extinguisher Use

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Purchasing a fire extinguisher in Charlotte, NC or anywhere else in the country, should be easy to do at most home-improvement or hardware stores. Knowing how to use one, even in an emergency, is also simple enough to do with some easy-to-remember tips.

The PASS Acronym

Before attempting to contain the fire yourself, sound an alarm to alert others, and if appropriate, call the fire department. Keeping yourself and others safe is the first priority. Identify an evacuation path in case the fire becomes too large to address with a portable fire extinguisher. The four steps to follow are identifiable with the acronym PASS.

1. Pull the pin. This breaks the tamper-proof seal and prepares the unit for discharge.
2. Aim low. Point the hose and nozzle at the base of the fire.
3. Squeeze the handle to discharge the extinguishing agent.
4. Sweep the base of the fire from side to side, repeating as necessary until the fire is out.

If the fire appears to be progressing, abandon your efforts, and get yourself and others to safety without delay. If the extinguisher runs out before the fire abates, evacuate immediately. Even if the fire appears to be out, back away carefully in case it flares again.

There are a few other safety considerations, depending on the type of extinguisher. If the unit uses CO2, do not touch the discharge horn; its extremely cold temperature can damage skin. A kitchen fire caused by overheated oils or fats can require a Class K extinguisher and cannot be put out with water. Learn extinguisher types.

If a fire can be addressed with a portable fire extinguisher, remembering the handy acronym PASS and the steps it represents can resolve the emergency in short order. If fire damage results from a blaze of any size, restoration and remediation services can go a long way in setting things right again. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

What Type of Smoke Detector Is Safest for Your Home?

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Give SERVPRO a call if you experience fire damage.

The majority of home fire deaths occur in houses with no smoke alarms or with dead or malfunctioning batteries in the smoke alarm. Smoke detectors should be placed on each level of your Charlotte, NC house and outside bedrooms.

1. What Different Types of Smoke Detector Are Available?

There are three types of smoke detector: ionized, photoelectric and combination. Ionized systems work due to a small current being maintained between electrodes with americium-241. Smoke entering the space between the electrodes interrupts the current and triggers the alarm.

Photoelectric alarms have an emitted light beam in a chamber. If smoke enters the chamber, it scatters the light, which hits a sensor that sets off the alarm.
A combination detector has both photoelectric and ionizing sensors. The International Association of Fire Fighters recommends using photoelectric detectors.

2. What About Smart Smoke Detectors?

Smart smoke detectors are connected to the internet. Apps connect you with your smoke alarm through your phone, allowing you to shut off false alarms. You will also get notified when the battery is low so you can change it before the irritating chirping starts up. Some models include carbon monoxide detectors as well.

Smart batteries are another option. These look like 9V but are connected to the internet. If the alarm sounds, these batteries will notify you through a phone app, as well as sending a low-battery alert. Smart batteries can last five years.

3. What Other Devices May Facilitate Fire Safety?

Heat detectors are an older type of fire safety device. If a pre-set high temperature is reached, an alarm will activate. These are useful in areas where smoke detectors are unsuitable.

Listeners are devices that “listen” for the frequency of your smoke detector’s alarm. These are appropriate for big homes because their range can cover an entire floor of your house.

It is imperative that your Charlotte, NC home have an appropriate smoke alarm on each floor. These small, relatively inexpensive devices may save lives. Visit for more information on fire damage

A Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company Offers Many Services

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A Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company Offers Many Services

Commercial and residential fire damage can be devastating. A single fire in business or fire in home that spreads can cause many kinds of problems. Smoke damage can damage many parts of the space from the floors to the ceilings. Soot damage can happen when soot gets into the space and piles up in all corners. Smoke smell can be a huge problem, lingering in spaces for weeks or even months afterwards. Fire cleanup efforts must begin as soon as the fire in business or fire in home is fought successfully. A fire damage restoration company can offer many important services. Such services can help the company owner while the board up is in progress, allowing them to think about getting the space cleared up rapidly and ready to welcome customers once again. A restoration company can help with any kind of fire damage at all from a small fire that is easily contained to a much larger one.

Removing Smoke Smell

Fire cleanup after fire damage can take many forms. Removing smoke smell after the commercial fire damage may require lots of specific kinds of efforts. A professional fire restoration company can by examining all areas of the space multiple times. The smoke smell may have lessened but not fully dissipated. In that case, an expert fire restoration company can help with fire cleanup efforts that aim to specifically remove the fire smell forever. This problem can also step from soot damage and smoke damage. Soot damage is often particularly subtle as it can be present in places that are not seen by the naked eye even during fire cleanup efforts and the fire damage restoration process. A fire in business or fire in home may need to have specific procedures done during the board up that can address such issues and help remove all evidence of commercial fire damage from the entire space.

Getting the Space Ready

In addition to help with soot damage, the fire damage restoration company can offer help after a fire in home or fire in business of many other kinds. Commercial fire damage may quite apparent from many angles and including many parts of the space. A restoration company can offer help with smoke damage and fire damage that includes a thorough appraisal of the entire problem in every part of the space. Many business owners take the time during a board up and look over the space closely after the fire. They may find areas of smoke damage and fire damage during the board up that had not seemed a problem before. It is not uncommon for a fire damage restoration company to find new areas of concern that were not immediately noticeable. Those areas can have problems that need to be cleaned up as soon as they are seen. Any business owner wants to reopen after the fire quickly in order to help minimize their losses and let their clients know they are there for their needs again.

Long Term Issues

Once a fire has been put out, this does not mean that all fire problems in the space are at an end. In many instances, it means they are just starting. Even a very quick fire can cause problems that can create long-term problems that may need many months to overcome. A much longer fire can create even more problems in the space that will need to be cleaned up. It is best to think about the long-term when it comes to a fire. A long-term plan to cleanup all affected areas of the space can and should be full swing after the fire has been put out. The longer term plan should focus on all areas of the space, even those that may have only been lightly affected. A longer term can help the owner in the aftermath of the fire fully clean up everything.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Recovering your Home or Business after Fire Damage

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Recovering your Home or Business after Fire Damage

Fire in homes or fire in business can be a very devastating event for owners of the homes and business. Apart from devastation and emotional trauma other items may have suffered soot damage or smoke damage and therefore they need to be repaired or replaced with new ones. It is therefore important to have some knowledge about the steps to use to recover you home and also now who is able to help you with the fire damage restoration, soot damage repair, smoke damage repair, smoke smell removal and the fire cleanup process. However, fire damage can be taken care by the damage restoration company. Some of the recovery ways are as addressed below:

? Expectations in the aftermath
Most of the items and structures in your home or business may have been severely affected by the fire damage, smoke damage soot damage or even water damage resulting from the leakage of pipes during the occurrence of fire. Smoke smell will linger on for sometime. However, the restoration company may deodorize the premises during the fire cleanup process to help deal with the smoke smell and make it habitable. Fires also damage the roofs and windows, and you might expect the restoration company people to board up the open spaces and install roof tarps. Board up helps keep the premises private and accessible only by authorized personnel. Therefore if you want to reuse something or repair them they have to be thoroughly cleaned of the soot damage and dried completely. As a matter of fact, the overall fire cleanup process takes a lot of time and requires patience since you may also find up some cut in walls by the damage restoration company while searching for hidden flames.

? Consulting and getting information from the relevant authorities
After fire damage that can be either from fire in home or fire in business the fire damage restoration company will inform you whether it is safe to enter your home or start operating under the business premises. They will also make sure that utilities such as electricity and gas are safe to use. However, the fire damage restoration company might decide to turn off or disconnect such utilities if they find that they are not safe to use and therefore you should not turn them back or reconnect them yourself. You should also notify the police about the commercial fire damage and any other information such as you will not living in your home or operating the business premises for some time. You should also board up the open spaces and windows to ensure that outsiders don’t get in. Most companies provide board up services thus making it easier on you.

? Informing your insurance company
After the fire in home or fire in business has been put out by the fire damage and restoration company it is advisable that you contact your insurance company to inform them about the damage. Some insurance companies will help you by giving you some guidance on how to handle the fire cleanup process of your home or business. They may also ask you to come up with a list of the items damaged by the fire involving smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell damage and also describe the items in details and the amount you have spent on them. This will help them plan on how to pay you.

It is more important to have an insurance agency since some fire damage such as commercial fire damage might incur great losses beyond your reach. The insurance company may help you reach the best fire damage restoration company to help you with the fire cleanup in case of fire in home or fire in business, but you must be keen to know who will be responsible to pay the bills. The bills are for fire clean up and fire damage restoration process. If you don’t have an insurance company there are some organizations that can help you. But it is always advisable to have an insurance agency especially to help you cater some greater fire damages such as commercial fire damage. Such organizations are such as.
- American Red Cross
- Religious organizations
- Salvation army
- State or city departments for emergency services
- Public health department

? Temporary relocation
You might be required to relocate your home or business and therefore in the case of commercial fire damage, you might be forced to inform your people about your relocation. Such people may include employees, customers, and delivery drivers. This is one the way to ensure life goes on as normal.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Doing Your Part After Fire Damage

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Doing Your Part After Fire Damage

If you've experienced a fire in home or a fire in business, the smoke smell, soot damage, and smoke damage are left behind. Contacting a fire damage restoration professional quickly is imperative to the best fire cleanup job possible after such a devastating event. The restoration company offers services that help you reclaim your facility after fire damage threatens to take it all away. The restoration company comes into the home or business, removing the smoke sell, alleviate soot damage and smoke damage, offers board up service, board up for common areas, and more. Professional restoration company experts can handle a fire in business or a fire in home of any size, quickly working to get the property back to its pre-fire condition.

Dangers Left Behind After a Fire

Many dangers lurk after commercial fire damage or a fire in home. Your health and safety are both at risk if you go inside the building, especially if you've not been told doing so is okay by fire department officials. Although you want to particulate in fire cleanup sometimes it is best that the professionals handle fire cleanup while you handle other tasks involved in the fire damage restoration process. Even without risking your health and well-being, there are many ways that you can be of service and benefit after fire damage.

Entering a Building After a Fire

If you decide to enter the facility after a fire in business or home, ensure that you do so with proper clothing and masks in place to protect yourself. It is ideal that you bring someone in with you, but ensure that no children or elderly people come inside. These people are most susceptible to injury after a fire. The smoke smell and even the soot damage and smoke damage left after a fire in business or a home can cause difficulty breathing and a host of additional problems. The use of protective clothing, googles, and masks alleviates that concern greatly, especially after commercial fire damage.

The Fire Damage Restoration Services

Know the service that you want the restoration company to perform after fire damage. Do you require board up services? Do you want the smoke smell removed? Is soot damage a concern? These are just a handful of the many services obtainable from a fire damage restoration company. Many people who've experienced commercial fire damage or even residential fire damage opt to have the restoration company handle the entire job. This includes board up service, smoke smell removal, soot damage and smoke damage recovery, water damage cleanup, and much more.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Ensure that you call the insurance company quickly after fire damage to file a claim. Fire damage restoration is much easier with the claim and paperwork completed. The insurance agent will come to the scene and look things over, assessing the damage as they go along. Ensure that you do not touch anything should you decide to go into the home, as the insurance agent needs to see everything as is to give you a fair estimate of value.

Taking Care After a Fire

Although you may not want to get in and scrub soot damage and smoke damage after commercial fire damage or a fire in home, there are many ways that you can do your part for fire cleanup. It is best that you do what you can, but let the professionals do what they do best. Do not panic, even though this is easier said than done, and let the restoration company handle things safely while you handle the other side of things.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

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The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

Fire in homes or businesses can cause severe damage. Watching everything go down in flames including the personal documents and property is bound to change your life in many ways. The flames are not the only dangerous events of fire, but soot damage and smoke damage can turn what was easy to clean material into something unsalvageable. The smoke can penetrate the carpet, clothing, draping, and upholstery leaving the pungent smoke smell on them. Therefore, commercial fire damage restoration should begin as soon as the authorities confirm that people can enter the building.

Effects of Fire

Fire damage to your property occurs from a large number of causes including furnace, chimney or fireplace accidents, kitchen fires, electrical malfunction, chemical fires, or wildfires. This means that each case of fire in a business or a home is different hence the need for the residents and professionals to exercise caution while dealing with it. Smoke damage and soot damage causes discolorations of walls, appliances, and porous material in a few minutes. Fire in homes can lead to yellowing of kitchen appliances and etching of glass after a few hours. After a few days, the discolorations become more permanent while the already tarnished metals may start corroding leading to rise of the commercial fire damage costs.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Property owners should consider seeking services from a fire damage restoration company within 24-48 hours. The experts help in the professional cleaning and minimizing the extent of damage after a fire in a home or business. Our fire cleanup team understands the importance of countering the fire in a business or a home, so they arrive at your premises in the shortest time possible. They follow the steps below during commercial fire damage cleanup:

1) Assessment

Our fire damage experts carry out an inspection to determine the cause of the fire, the extent of damage, and the length of time that the house has stayed in that condition. Soot damage and smoke damage is bound to increase the level of harm to a property, meaning that the costs will be higher. The assessment helps in determining the best approach to use and charge that the property owner should pay.

2) Stabilization of the structure

Fire damage may weaken the doors, windows, and surfaces that would cause harm to the fire damage restoration team. The professionals identify, mark, and remove the items that may pose a great danger to them as they continue with the fire cleanup process.

3) Water Removal

Fire extinguishing team might have used water to put out the fire in a business or a home. Removal of water prevents secondary damages and minimizes the chances of mold growth. Water removal and dehumidification to remove the smoke smells and dry the place completely is essential.

4) Tackling the smoke damage and soot damage

Fire in homes and businesses leaves ash, smoke, and soot on the surfaces of walls. The commercial fire damage cleanup commences with the complete removal of the smoke and soot, which prevent permanent discolorations and gets rid of smoke smells.

5) Cleaning, Sanitization, and Deodorization of the Property

The fire cleanup team begins by disposing of the unsalvageable material properly. Our fire damage restoration team then does a thorough cleaning to remove the dirt and ashes before sanitizing to kill the bacteria and germs and deodorizing to remove all the smoke smells.

6) Restoration

The fire damage team completes the fire cleanup process by painting, replacing the drywall, new carpet installation, and reconstruction of the rooms.

Commercial fire damage or fire in a business can lead to huge financial losses to the property owner in case they did not have an existing insurance cover. However, most companies offer friendly restoration costs. Therefore, you should not shy away from seeking professional help in your state. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Handling A Fire Loss As A Property Owner

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Handling A Fire Loss As A Property Owner

No one is ever prepared to handle a fire loss. There can be an unfortunate fire in a home or a fire in business. This can be very frustrating.

The fire damage will depend on where the fire started. In most cases, the fire begins in the kitchen or bathroom or the basement. Hence the fire damage will be depending on how far it had reached. Based on this, commercial fire damage can be assessed.

In the case of fire in home or fire in business, it is important for people to get to safety first. Next step is to call the authorities to put out the flames as that will minimize commercial fire damage. The fire damage has to be reported to the insurance company and ask them to assist in the fire cleanup. Besides, there is a lot of soot damage and smoke damage too that needs to be considered.

The fire loss would include water damage too. Hence it is best to avoid drinking that water till the soot damage, and smoke damage has been ascertained. This is because water pipes may have been damaged and the air quality gets affected too.

Commercial fire damage is water leakage on the floor leading to fear of getting electrocuted. Hence never drink the water from the faucet but buy bottled water. Do not use that water even for brushing teeth or for cooking purposes.

Smoke damage or soot damage can ruin many items in case of fire in home or fire in business. Get all clothing items dry cleaned after fire cleanup. Furniture must also be cleaned by a professional. In case it is heavily affected by smoke damage or soot damage, throw it away. Commercial fire damage will impact a lot of items including furniture and clothes.

After fire cleanup, do the painting of the walls by a professional. Smoke damage or soot damage leaves an ugly odor. Hence use a freshener in the entire area after a fire cleanup. This can help to mitigate the air quality too.

Soot damage and smoke damage can impact the carpeting and flooring. Get a professional to clean it or else, throw it away.

Any fire loss includes bad air quality which may not be safe for people. So stay somewhere else till authorities clear air quality making it safe to live in.

Fire damage can lead to a lot of health problems. Hence ensure the place is safe after fire cleanup before returning. There can be fire damage to wiring. Get a professional to check it.

Commercial fire damage can be very taxing on resources. Get help from insurance company and friends. Any fire in home or fire in business may mean no place to stay for a few days, or even no clothes or food. Hence help is needed.

Fire in home or fire in business is emotionally very disturbing. Fire loss means losing memories besides other precious things. Hence fire loss cannot be measured easily. The air quality gets impacted for many days. Visit for more information on fire damage.

How is a Home Restored After Fire Damage?

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How is a Home Restored After Fire Damage?          
            According to the US Fire Administration, there have been 740
 deaths from fires that occur in residences between 2009 and 2011.
Taking precautions, such as cleaning out the dryer's lint from the vent
on a regular basis, changing the batteries in the smoke alarm regularly,
 and using fireless candles instead of the standard kind, would
eliminate the possibilities of fire eruption. More people in homes and
businesses are using safety measures; however, fires still erupt quite
often. So, when it does, more and more people are taking steps to safely
 leave the premises. But when it comes to fire damage, what should
homeowners and businesses do to recover from the loss?

People, their loved ones, and co-workers are overjoyed when they know
everyone made it out the fire travesties alive. However, homeowners,
families, business owners, and many employees are left in shock and
devastation of the fire loss. Having said that, there are different
steps one can take in the North Carolina area and other places for fire

Steps To Take When Undergoing a Fire Loss

The following steps are things people can do to recover from their loss
in the Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas, such as

Gaining composure- it's only human
nature for people, even the strongest people, to be in utter shock and
dismay when seeing all that one has worked for in their homes and
businesses are crumbling down into ashes. And with seeing the soot and
other debris, the loss can truly be detrimental. Therefore, it's ok to
let out a loud cry or even a scream for a moment, and then it's time for
 the persons enduring this calamity to pull it together in order to work
 through this unfortunate incident.  

Calling restoration experts first-
 now that the composure is pulled together, the first thing to do is to
contact professional help who specializes in handling fire cleanup, soot
 damage, smoke damage, air quality, mitigation, and water damage from
fire. They will also restore items and furniture that are salvageable
and give the homeowner/business professional paperwork and instructions
for insurance purposes and to give them preventative measures to avoid
possible future fires.

Opening all the windows-
now that the restoration specialists are on their way to work on the
fire damage, certain measures can be done by the homeowner or business
professional on their own. The first thing that should be done after
consulting the restoration professionals is to open all the windows to
improve the air quality. The air blowing through the windows will push
the smoke out of the rooms.  

Moving kids and pets to a smokeless environment-
 smoke has carcinogenic gases that are hazardous to one's health. So,
kids and pets should be taken to a trusted neighbor until family or
friends can come and get them for temporary lodging.

Emptying freezer and refrigerator if there's no power- and once they are empty, their doors should be propped open to prevent the building up of odors inside them.

Emptying the home contents-
 taking inventory of the home or business contents are vital for
insurance purposes and possibly fire investigation authorities. A list
of items that need replacing and taking pictures will help one's fire
claim. Also, it's a good idea to make several copies to have on hand
just in case they are needed for further review.
Steps Only the Restoration Specialists Should Take for a Fire Loss

There are things that only the professionals should handle. Regular,
untrained people shouldn't try to do some things on their own because
smoldering ash and toxic gases can be even more detrimental to one's
health, life-threatening injuries can occur, and more damage can be done
 to the home or business where the fire occurred. And thus, the following
 are things that people shouldn't dare to do:

Wiping down surfaces-
 residents and businesses shouldn't wipe down wood trim, furniture,
walls, and other absorbent surfaces to prevent further soot damage.

Moving or sitting on upholstered furniture- the sitting on or the moving of upholstered furniture can cause more damage to the furniture.  

Consuming food product exposed to the fire's extreme heat- it's dangerous to one's health to consume food, including canned items, exposed to heat that came from the fire damage.

Turning on home systems- more damage or dangerous occurrences can happen if the home systems are turned on after the fire loss.

Being near electrical devices-
 for safety reasons, it is important to stay away from electrical items,
 such as TVs, stereos, and appliances, until the restoration
professionals deem it safe.  
What These Fire Specialists Will Do

These professionals that handle the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas,
 such as Berryhill or Myers Park, know the ins and outs relating to
handling these situations for this area. They know how to handle the
fire cleanup, mitigation, soot, air quality, water damage from fire, and
 other restoration techniques as well as the laws, rules, regulations,
and insurance matters within the NC area. They have the proper tools,
equipment, and knowledge on how to clean up the damage from fire and
smoke damage. They use safe and appropriate cleaning supplies and
equipment that are approved by the government and that cleans virtually
any type of surface. With them, much of the property can be restored to
their previous condition before the fire. They are also approved by
insurers within the region that allows them to work with insurance
adjusters directly with the fire claims. Additionally, they have
specialized equipment that are also safe and FDA approved that will
purify and deodorize the air.                 
        Visit for more information on fire damage.