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Problems Associated with Mold Damage

8/29/2017 (Permalink)

Problems Associated with Mold Damage

There are many issues that may affect the structure and livability of your home, most of which are unexpected and often times expensive. One of the most common issues that may arise as a home owner, is unpredictable mold growth. While the issue with mold growth is very common to home owners, unfortunately, it can also be very expensive, as costs may vary depending on the depth of the issue. Mildew and fungus can thrive in any moist, wet area and can range in seriousness, as black mold, in particular, can grow rapidly behind wet walls. Often times, mildew and fungus growth can be a result of damaged pipes or supply line breaks. Because of the rapid rate in which mold can develop and multiply, it is a very time sensitive issue, as delaying the process can lead to high costs and limit the chances for damage mitigation. Mold damage and mold removal should be addressed as soon as it is discovered, and the first step in the process is to contact your insurance company. Once your insurance company has been contacted, it is imperative to give them a detailed account of the situation, giving specifics on any smelly odors and whether mold growth behind a wall is suspected. Mold growth behind a wall should definitely be detailed during this conversation as this may increase costs due to the nature of barriers that may need to be removed. Mentioning mold growth behind a wall, due to the time sensitive nature of mold in the home, can help in the process of damage mitigation.

The mold removal and remediation process are continued when a commercial mold damage removal company is contacted. Your insurance company will most likely be able to recommend a restoration company that can handle your needs. Each restoration company is not created equal, and their personal abilities, as well as the duties they are allowed to take on, are monitored by the state of origin. Unless licensed by the state, the chosen restoration company is usually only allowed to take on duties directly related to your cause, and may not be able to take on residual damages to the structure of your home. When seeking commercial mold damage removal, it is important to fully understand your duties, as well as the duties of your insurance company and the restoration company, as they work for you.

Because mold growth can expand so rapidly, and at virtually any place in the home, damage mitigation may be very difficult, as the effects of the mildew, fungus, or black mold may not be immediately noticed. One of the major issues that we face when dealing with fungus, black mold, and mildew, are the barriers in the home. Mildew and fungus are often a result of moisture due to a leaky pipe that is not addressed in a timely manner, and you may often have to deal with mold growth behind a wall. Mold growth behind a wall may not be noticed until it has caused separate issues, such as dry rot and smelly odor, and by this point mitigation may be very difficult and increased costs will occur. While mold damage due to black mold s a serious problem, dry rot can be considerably worse.

With mold in the home, the stability of the structure facing mold damage is always in flux when it comes to dry rot. When dry rot becomes an issue, particularly when left unaddressed over a long period of time, can decrease chances for mitigation, and considerably increase costs.

When facing mold damage or mold in the home, mold removal and remediation is a process that takes several steps that must be executed in a precise manner. One of the final steps in the mold removal and remediation process is deodorization. With mold in the home, deodorization is often a step that people feel that they can handle without the assistance of a commercial mold damage company, but this is not the case. Many common items that are used for deodorization will only mask the smelly odor. Without proper deodorization, the smelly odor will inevitably come back. Remember, with mold growth and remediation, always contact a commercial mold damage removal company.
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