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The Importance of Professional Mold Remediation

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

The Importance of Professional Mold Remediation

Excess moisture is an immediate invitation for mold damage to occur in a home or office. It’s not good news when mildew or another fungus is present in a home, and it’s going to require the help of a professional remediation and mitigation company. Mold in the home and commercial mold damage are common, but it’s catching it early that prevents mold in the home as well as commercial mold damage from becoming problematic. When mold damage occurs, no one should hesitate to call for immediate mold removal.

The Presence of a Smelly Odor in the Home

When someone begins to notice the presence of a smelly odor at home not easily removed with the help of deodorization or a little light cleaning, it might be the presence of mildew or the fungus known as mold. Mold in the home isn’t uncommon by any means, but this is a smelly odor that might mean far more than just a little mildew here or there in a home. Commercial mold damage might present itself with a smelly odor, but commercial buildings are a lot larger and the deodorization used in them is not the same.

If a smelly odor and the presence of mildew or another form of fungus are noticeable at home or work, more is needed that deodorization. While using deodorization to help with the smell is a viable starting point, the use of professional equipment is required.

Hiring Professionals

Mold removal by professional remediation and mitigation company is necessary when commercial mold damage or mold in the home occurs. Fungus like mold grows rapidly and it spreads quickly. It takes the smallest amount of moisture and just enough humidity in a building to cause mold to grow quickly. Homeowners often believe a small amount of mold damage is easily handled with a quick wipe down, but it’s simply not true.

Not using proper cleaning techniques during the mold removal process means not killing it at the source. It might disappear during the cleaning process, but it’s still there. This is why remediation and mitigation are so imperative. Professionals use heavy-duty equipment that’s designed to work hard to remove mold and fungus, and it’s designed to get it at the source.

Professional remediation and mitigation mean being certain mold is killed and stopped. It’s also a great way to learn how to get rid of mold for good. Prevention is the best form of protection from mold at home or at work, and there are a few things people can do to help keep mold at bay in either location.

Preventing Mold Damage

Preventing mold from forming anywhere is a simple task when people know how to handle it. It requires two very simple things. The first is to keep the humidity levels in a building low. The level must remain at or below 40% to make it difficult for mold to grow. It also means keeping moisture levels at home at bay. Keep the moisture levels at bay easily by using proper ventilation in rooms with moisture, by wiping down messes made in the tub or shower quickly, and by handling any leaks or drips as soon as they begin.

Mold is a dangerous addition to any building, which is why removing it quickly is the best answer for anyone. Mold cannot be handled accordingly by a homeowner or business owner without proper equipment. It’s sometimes very easy to handle mold when it occurs in small areas, but it’s still best to allow a professional to come in and use their pro equipment designed to properly dry and clean up moisture and mold. Mold removal decreases the likelihood mold will reappear in the future and cause more expensive repairs. Doing the job right the first time is what makes the difference between overpaying and preventing bigger problems much later.
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