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Identifying Mold in Your Home and What to do About It

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

 Identifying Mold in Your Home and What to do About It            
            It can be very common for one to find mold or microbial
growth inside their home, especially in Berryhill or Charlotte, North
Carolina. When this happens, he or she will quickly get on the internet
to try and figure out what to do about it. Although it can be a scary
thing, it is important not to panic. It is very important to make sure
that one takes care of the issue correctly the first time so it will
 not return back. This step by step guide will help make it more clear
on what to do when fungus or mildew is found inside of the home.

1. It is extremely important to have the home tested by a professionally
 trained detector, such as an environmental hygienist. If it is just
cleaned up without being tested then it won't be shown how bad the
problem actually may be and the type won't be known. The majority of
environmental hygienists are also engineers so they will be sure to
inspect the whole home. Small problems may be recommended to just handle
 without a professional; the tester will also be sure to give advice on
the best way to go about cleaning it up. A large issue will require the
services of a removal team who will supervise the process of the removal
 as well as oversee the cleanup. Once cleanup is all done, the removal
team will come back to the home to test again, making sure that the
removal was done properly.

2. Be sure to identify what is causing the issue so that once cleanup
has occurred, there will be sure to be no future problems. For example,
if it was caused by a leak in the roof make sure that the roof is
repaired otherwise a recurring problem will happen. If the home is just
too humid, which is very possible in Berryhill and Charlotte, North
Carolina, either turn down the humidity level in the home if that is an
option, otherwise make sure to purchase a dehumidifier to help keep
humidity levels down.

3. Sometimes removal is covered in insurance policies so it is best to
contact the insurance company to find out. Depending on what the cause
is, it could very easily be covered.

4. Mold cleanup is the next step. This is typically a lot more complex
of a process than most people understand. It is possible for it to be
spread to other parts of the home, which is something that needs to be
avoided. It is also possible to breath it in during the mold cleanup,
which can make most people very sick. Although it may cost more than
hoped, it is usually better to just go ahead with a removal company to
make sure everything is done correctly and safely.

5. If wanted, check around for a few estimates from different removal
companies. Don't just choose the most budget friendly company, make sure
 to choose one that will do a complete and thorough job. It is also
possible to check with the local health department to see if the company
 you want to go with has good reviews. References may also be asked for.

6. It is also sometimes recommended to purchase a book about mold. It is
 always good to educate yourself on how a mold removal process typically
 takes place. This way, it will be more clear if any steps are being
skipped or not focused on enough.

7. Once all has been removed, make sure to have the tester come back and
 recheck for more. Have the tester do an air-test, which will be able to
 show if the levels that are found are acceptable. The levels inside the
 home should be the same as the levels outside the home. In NC, the
levels inside the home may need to be less, due to the high humidity
levels outside. However, a professional removal team will know the
correct levels the home should be.

8. Make sure to be proactive about any future issues, especially while
living in the humid state of NC. If this means going out and purchasing a
 dehumidifier, then go do that. If this means fixing any leaks inside
the home, make sure to get them fixed as soon as possible.             
    Visit http://www.SERVPROwestmecklenburgcounty.com for more information on mold remediation.

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