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Why You Can’t Just Ignore Mold Growth in Your Home

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

Black mold on baseboard Black mold on baseboard

After a major leak or flood in your home, you may notice spots of dark-colored fungus growing near the site of the water damage. This is black mold, and it can quickly spread throughout your Berryhill,NC, house.

How Mold Grows

Also called Stachybotrys chartarum, the black type of mold can be particularly harmful. As with other types, it thrives in moist areas. That is why mold commonly appears after storms or plumbing overflows. These funguses also can grow near burst pipes or condensation.
Since mold is a living organism, it needs food to thrive. It thus grows quickly on organic materials:

  • Drywall
  • Cloth
  • Wood
  • Carpet

Ignoring mold growth does not solve the problem. You need to take steps to remove the fungus before it spreads.

How To Remove Mold

Since mold does not go away on its own, you have to take steps to address the damage. First, you must find the source of the moisture problem. If you remove the black mold without eliminating the moisture that caused it to grow in the first place, it will just keep coming back.
Once the moisture is gone, you can begin the mold cleanup process. Bleach alone is not sufficient. Chlorine bleach, in particular, does not fully remove mold from surfaces in your home. Instead, you should look for an enzyme-based cleaner. These products are safer than bleach and reduce the chances of the mold returning.

No matter what material you use to remove the mold, you need to protect yourself. Make sure to wear long sleeves, pants and a surgical face mask.
You can probably address small patches of mold in your home by yourself. Extensive cleanup, however, is best handled by a professional. Mold remediation specialists can clean away the fungus and restore any personal items that were damaged. They can also thoroughly dry your belongings to prevent the black mold from coming back.

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