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Water and Flood Damage Tips

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Water and Flood Damage Tips

Water damage and flood damage are some of the emergencies that most home and business owners dread the most. The challenge with water damage, and especially flood damage, is that no matter how prepared you think you are to handle the crisis, you can never estimate the amount of damage the water will cause, which means you cannot plan perfectly ahead of time. However, there is a shortcut that can help you manage the stress that comes with water in the home in the easiest way possible, and this is hiring professional water damage restoration companies. Below are some of the tips that will help you manage a flooded home or water in the business.

Establishing the source of the water in the home

Several scenarios can lead to a flooded home. The first is a pipe break or supply line break. When this happens, water fills every part of the house depending on the location of the pipe break. When you have established that a supply line break is the cause of water damage or flood damage, you should turn off the water at the meter or street level to prevent further damage. On the other hand, if the flood damage is a result of a storm, such as the havoc that Harvey is wrecking in Texas, you will be forced to wait till it is over before any water cleanup and restoration can be done. However, there are mitigation measures that a professional restoration company can take to bring back the water to the state it was in before the flood damage.

Calling in the restoration company

The restoration company should be called in as soon as you possibly can after the flood damage. They will assess the extent of the damage caused by the water in the home or water in the business. They will then start the process of water cleanup and drying. The restoration company does the water cleanup by using suction pumps to get rid of as much water as they can. After most of the water has been removed, they will assess any furniture and upholstery which was in the home for water damage. If anything can be salvaged, they will do a cleanup and drying process. Then, the plumbers may be called to repair the pipe break or supply line break permanently.

It is after the drying and repairs that the water cleanup company starts the mitigation and restoration process. They assess the floors, walls and any other structures. If the water has been stagnated in the home for a long time, they may remove rotting wooden structures and replace them with new ones. Other mitigation and restoration processes include painting walls whose color could have come off, treating all the parts of the house to prevent mold damage which could occur in future, and making sure that the home is secured against future damage by water in the business.

The benefits of hiring experts

When water damage happens to a place, and the water stays stagnant for a long time, it starts gathering microbes. In the case of pipe breaks, supply line breaks, and sewer line breaks, the results are even more dangerous because the water could turn into category 2 or category 3. It is therefore advisable that you hire a restoration company to handle the flooded home, drying, mitigation and restoration before the water becomes a health problem. Water in the home or water in the business also means an increased risk of electrocution. Experts will know how to handle the power lines to keep everyone safe.

Lastly, they always respond on time and make sure that the flooded home is repaired before the house falls apart. When you involve professionals in the process of repairs and restoring the home, you reduce the amount of strain you might have gone through trying to clean the home. You also ensure that the process is done professionally, minimizing future complications.
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